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of hagel's former senate colleagues call him hostile toward israel and soft on iran. >> i'm waiting for an explanation. i want him to make the case as to why he should be the secretary of defense. >> reporter: confirmation hearings here on capitol hill are expected to be easier for another nominee john brennan the president's cia pick. still looking at his 25 years at the spy agency some object to the brennan pick. >> if you tuned in here, obama, listen to what i'm about to say. >> reporter: a small group protested the choice monday saying brennan is linked to controversial interrogation techniques including waterboarding during the george w. bush administration. the white house disputes that. >> mr. brennan wrote a letter in which he made clear he opposed so-called enhance and interrogation techniques. >> reporter: brennan is also the architect of the drone program credited with killing al qaeda operatives but it's unpopular overseas especially in pakistan where drones have targeted terrorists living in the country. susan mcginnis, cbs news, was
of nebraska, he should not expect a friendly reception, being soft on iran and tough on israel. the full senate could vote on the full confirmation next week. >>> coming up daytime talk show caught super bowl fever. how the ladies of the talk are showing off their love for the 49ers. and we have a live look at the superdome. yup. they are going to play some football there on sunday. we are gearing up for super bowl xlvii. and we'll be right back. >>> good morning. breaking news out of sunnyvale. many lanes are blocked, three lanes blocked northbound 101 approaching fair oaks avenue. 30 gallons of fuel in the big rig accident. there's a lot of debris in lanes. use 280, highway 85 as your alternates. we'll have much more on this plus the rest of your morning drive. already pretty busy out there. frank, back to you. >> thank you. >>> we have been sharing your 9ers pictures all week long. we have more. check out 80-year-old viola montoya out of san jose. these 80 but she can kaepernick with the best of 'em. she's been a 9er fan for long, long time, n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2